A Partner for Long Term Success

We understand that being an accountant is more than just crunching numbers and finishing a tax return.  Your CPA should be a trusted partner and work with you every step of the way towards business success, from initial planning to execution.  We understand that a successful partnership means we'll understand your business and what drives its success.  From research to advice and financial development, Dedekian, George, Small and Markarian are with you for the long term.

Tax Tips

  • Get Ready for the Net Investment Tax

    Are you ready for the impact of the net investment income tax? This new 3.8% tax will appear for the first time on 2013 federal returns — and you don't want to wait until next April to find out if you'll have to pay.

    Here's a quick refresher so you can begin to assess your exposure.


Business Tips

  • Create a Positive First Impression for your Business

    You're new to town and your car needs fixing. Scanning the local phone book, you come across an auto repair shop that's a few blocks away. Pulling into the parking lot, you start to notice things: the signage above the door, the clothing of the employees, the shrubbery skirting the building. You step into the waiting area and continue to observe.


Financial Tips

  • Consider an Appeal if your Property Taxes Seem too High

    Home prices in many parts of the country have not fully recovered, yet many homeowners are still paying property taxes that reflect appraisals performed at the peak of the housing market. According to the Congressional Budget Office, property tax adjustments tend to lag behind changes in home prices by an average of three years. Accordingly, many homeowners — some watchdog organizations estimate over 50 percent — are paying too much property tax.