Jeffrey P. Markarian, CPA, Partner

For 30 years as a CPA, I’ve assisted businesses by creating and implementing tailored business solutions for the construction, family-owned agriculture, and privately held industries that address their specific challenges. My goal is to help my clients sleep better at night.

I provide:

– Proactive business and tax planning that addresses each business’s unique needs and mitigates financial risk. It’s your money, and I want to help you keep more of it.

– Clear financial statements with context that help clients make better, data-informed decisions on the future of their business. I believe the keys to your business’s success lie in the numbers, and I’m here to help you find them.

– Real answers to the problems that are stifling growth like staffing, production, or processes. I find solutions to improve profitability in these and other areas and help get it done through accountability such as helping a client address a staffing issue that ultimately saved them thousands of dollars.

– Comprehensive estate planning that focuses on your wishes and preserves your wealth. I’ll help you define your goals, rally the team you’ll need, and ensure your plans come to fruition.

– Year-round assistance, not just a single tax-time appointment. Your business doesn’t only run January to April, and neither do I.

A trusted advisor
My clients appreciate my professional, down-to-earth approach, and feel like they can count on me to be a mediator or traffic cop in stressful situations. I love bringing a team or family together to solve their issues and realize their potential. I am always my clients’ number-one advocate providing forward-thinking solutions that match their ambitions.

For me, family is everything. When I’m not at the office, you can find me with my family and at my kids’ sports games cheering them on. Even though we’re moving into the empty-nester phase at our house, that love of family extends beyond our four walls. I am active in my community, my faith, and my Armenian heritage often serving on boards and committees where I can share my time and talent. We’re hoping to do some traveling in the future, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way.